4 Reasons Designers Shirt Worth It Owned

In addition to the many fashion items on the market, of course, you’ve heard about designer clothes. Different from mainstream clothes produced in large quantities, designer clothes have been specially designed by professional fashion designers in limited quantities. Typically, the designer clothing model also looks unique and different because of the touch of ciamik from the designers.

Even so, many are hesitant to buy designer clothes. One of the main factors is the price that is “not market”. But, Blibli Friends have 4 reasons why designer clothes worth really to buy, here. Here’s the complete reason!

1. How to get the best deal when buying designer clothes designer clothes

Ladies, you can dapetin designer clothes at an affordable price, you know! For example, a Muslim skirt from Zaskia Sungkar with prices ranging from 100 thousand or a pretty dress Billy Tjong for 200 thousand. The price is almost the same as the clothes you used to buy, right?
Even if you want to buy premium designer clothes, such as Rama Dauhan or Danjyo Hiyoji, there are many discounts and 0% instalment facility at Batik Fabric That way, you can dapetin outfit with the best quality without making bokek!

2. High quality and more durable

One of the features of designer clothes is the material and the model is of high quality. Every designer must be very careful in maintaining the quality of clothes. Hence, the price of the designer’s work clothes is slightly higher than regular clothes on the market.
However, this makes designer clothes really worth your investment! Instead of buying clothes that are cheap and quickly worn out, better spend a little more money to get clothes that must be trendy, comfortable to wear, and last longer!

3. Fashionable and exclusive models

Designer clothing is also popular because of its exclusive production. Each designer must embed their own distinctive features into his work so that each shirt looks unique. Plus, designer clothes can highlight the excess of your beautiful body!
There are many options that you can mix-match, ranging from batik accents by POPU by Populo, Rama Dauhan geometric cutting, or clutch BYO luxury creations. Guaranteed, no one can follow your elegant style!

4. Buying clothes by designers can make confidence increases!

Wearing designer clothes does not only make you look beautiful from the outside, but also increase your confidence, ladies! The fashion designer is your fashion statement, either want to highlight the impression bold or edgy! In addition, you will also be considered to have a high fashion sense because the champion combines the appearance with the designer clothes appropriately. Your appearance will be spot on, ladies!

Well, that’s some reason why you must really have designer clothes. Not only make the appearance more kece, their clothes are also made of the best material to accentuate your body shape. Its unique and exclusive model will also make you even more proud when wearing it, whether it be a formal event or a non formal event.

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